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Dualchas do Dhaoine – Ten Year Strategy for Heritage Launched

Updated: Feb 28

On Thursday 6th April, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and partners launched a ten-year heritage strategy for the Western Isles, ‘Dualchas do Dhaoine [Heritage for People]’. The launch took place at the Kinloch Community Hub where afterwards a light lunch was served.

The strategy, which sets out a series of ambitious aims and priorities for the whole of the heritage sector of the Outer Hebrides, is delivered under the umbrella of the Great Place Scheme.

Funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, the Great Place project is driven by the Great Place Steering Group, with membership from Comann Dualchas Innse Gall [Outer Hebrides Heritage Forum], Community Land Outer Hebrides, Outer Hebrides Tourism and Historic Environment Scotland, among others.

Colin George Morrison, Team Leader for Heritage and Culture at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, said on the day of the launch: “The aim of the project and the strategy development was to identify strategic approaches to support and deliver appropriate heritage-led economic development, identifying infrastructure requirements and priorities. To achieve this, a partnership of heritage, culture, and tourism organisations was established. This document has been co-created by that partnership. Valuable input has been received from communities and stakeholders throughout the development stage of the project. Priorities have been identified and cross-sector solutions are proposed in the action plan, which has been devised to support the aspirations and developments of the heritage sector across the islands.”

Comann Dualchas Innse Gall, who represent a voice for the community-led heritage sector of the Western Isles and presently rent an office in the Kinloch Community Hub, will be working in close partnership with both funders and partners of the strategy to deliver priorities to the benefit of its membership. Ken Roddy Mackay, Chairman of Comann Dualchas Innse Gall, added: “Comann Dualchas Innse Gall welcomes the priorities for heritage which have been identified by the Great Place Project, Dualchas do Dhaoine, and looks forward to the implementation of the priorities identified in the strategy.’’

View the strategy in English:

Dualchas do Dhaoine EN
Download PDF • 53.57MB

L-R: Colin George Morrison (CnES), Annie MacSween MBE, Sarah Maclean (Outer Hebrides Tourism), Jasmine Montgomery Wilkie (Comann Dualchas Innse Gall), Mairi Buchanan (Highlands and Islands Enterprise), Ken Roddy Mackay (Comann Dualchas Innse Gall).

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